Thriving Industries in Columbus, Ohio: A Comprehensive Guide

The Columbus region is a hub of innovation and progress, boasting a wide range of industries that are thriving in the area. From automotive and mobility technology to insurance and insurance technology, biomedical and health services, traditional companies, and more, the city of Columbus has something for everyone. Well-known names such as Lower, the Crew stadium, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, Nationwide, Root Insurance, CompuServe, FedEx, UPS, and L Brands are just a few of the many companies that call Columbus home. At the forefront of the automotive and mobility technology movement is the Columbus region. From designing the vehicles of tomorrow to becoming a major producer of parts and components, the city is shaping the automotive landscape.

The success of well-known companies like Nationwide, along with the growth of disruptive companies in the industry such as Root Insurance, have created an unparalleled insurance and insurance technology ecosystem. This opens the door for insurance and insurance technology companies to collaborate strategically and continue to build a stable community in which all companies can grow. The rapidly expanding biomedical and health services sector in Columbus improves lives around the world. The dynamic life sciences industry includes research and development organizations, renowned medical systems, medical product manufacturers, and more. A diverse life science community includes the world's largest contract research organization, a Fortune 16 health services company, and Ohio's first health unicorn. As one of the main metropolitan areas in the United States, Columbus serves as an experimentation center for traditional companies due to its demographic diversity, favorable geography and reputation.

During the transition from agriculture to more industrial jobs in the 19th century, Ohio was the most prosperous place in manufacturing and construction. Part of what helps Columbus thrive is a strong foundation of larger companies headquartered in the city. Well-known brands from technology, manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, and other industries call Ohio home. CompuServe is one example; it was the first major provider of commercial Internet services in the United States but has been owned by AOL since 1998. As the holiday season approaches, companies like FedEx and UPS are starting to hire temporary positions such as package handlers, delivery people and truck drivers for their Columbus facility. Based on a rich history of manufacturing and trade, Columbus drives progress and innovation in advanced industries. With so many thriving industries in one place, it's no wonder why so many people are drawn to this vibrant city.

Susan Kot
Susan Kot

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