The Best Places to Work in Columbus, Ohio: A Comprehensive Guide

Columbus, Ohio is a hub for advanced mobility research and testing complexes, and is home to some of the top companies in the nation. From Hovorys to CoverMyMeds, these businesses offer unique benefits to their employees, such as flexible hours, unlimited PTO, personal development budgets, and mission-driven work. In this article, we'll explore the best places to work in Columbus, Ohio and what makes them stand out. Hovorys is a leader in the mobility research and testing complex industry. Founded in 1858, they are committed to innovation and have been helping individuals, families and businesses ever since.

Fairfield County is the eighth county to form in the Northwest Territory and has been around since 1800. Aware is a fast-growing Columbus startup that uses AI to help companies mitigate risks and compliance issues with data being transferred through collaboration sites such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. They also use AI to take advantage of information from the data that comes from these collaboration platforms. This knowledge helps leaders make better decisions based on the wants and needs of employees. At Aware, empathy comes first.

They offer great flexibility for remote work and scheduling, operate with great trust in team members and have a culture that encourages high growth and high impact. Everyone at Aware has the ability to influence the business, regardless of position or experience, making it an incredible opportunity for career growth. Stansbury Weaver is a client-focused law firm that defines its class and offers general advice as a service. They use technology to help innovators mitigate the right risks so they can achieve intentional growth and focus on their vision. Stansbury Weaver also provides each employee with a personal development budget stipend to dedicate to developing the skills and areas that interest them most.

They have created a culture that allows its people to pursue their passions and have the flexibility to spend their time wherever necessary, with the people who are most important to them. CoverMyMeds is one of the first major startup successes in Columbus which put the city on the startup map. They use technology to help people get the medicines they need to live healthier lives. CoverMyMeds offers comprehensive benefits such as medical coverage, travel assistance to work, fully paid maternal and parental leave, assistance with adoption fees, and even scholarships for employees' children. DASI Simulations uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision to provide precision treatment plans for patients who need structural heart surgery. This allows doctors to pre-plan the surgical procedure so that there are no surprises in the operating room.

DASI Simulations has created a great team and culture that includes trust, transparency, genuine concern for others, flexible hours, unlimited PTO, pickleball, Starbucks races, community giving back, laughs and free snacks. They encourage growth, additional education, multifunctional training, and allow people to take their dogs to work. FMX is a leading provider of facility management and maintenance technology tools that allow you to optimize processes, increase asset productivity, and turn actionable information into meaningful results. FMX offers competitive salaries, fully paid health insurance, paid volunteer days and allows employees to contribute data which helps other women find organizations where they can succeed. Bold Penguin is an insurance technology company headquartered in Columbus that reduces the time needed to quote and link commercial insurance for small businesses. If you're looking for some of the best places to work in Columbus Ohio with some of the best people doing mission-driven work in the technology industry then these top workplaces are worth considering: Hovorys, Fairfield County, Aware, Stansbury Weaver, CoverMyMeds DASI Simulations and FMX. Each of these companies offers something unique for their employees - from flexible hours and unlimited PTO to personal development budgets and mission-driven work - making them some of the best places to work in Columbus Ohio. Whether you're looking for an opportunity for career growth or just want a great place to work with amazing benefits - these top workplaces are worth considering.

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